Tuesday, 20 March 2012


OK, so it's been a while. Nearly a year.

I've not updated this in a long time, but I'm in a place where I think I need the blog again - I simply don't seem to be able to get into platinum league, my APM remains stubbornly in the 40s, and I'm in the middle of an epic losing streak.

So it's time to take stock. My goals for this blog:

1) Work out how I want to play the game

2) Work out builds that let me get there

3) Practice those builds to death

4) Review my replays and analyse them to see what I can do better

5) Practice my micro

6) Watch and analyse pro replays to see what they can teach me

7) I'm also playing some 2v2 these days and I might talk about that too.

8) I am *considering* getting some professional coaching. We'll see about that.

First proper post later today.

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