Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stay on target...

So far the new focus on strategy has yielded 2 wins out of 2 games, and both against what I would call "good" bronze league terran players - ie with 50+ wins in the league and a decent win rate.

Both times I've made mistakes. The first game I had some micro mistakes that cost me quite a few units - separating my infantry from my sieged tanks at one stage cost me four tanks, for example, but generally my macro was pretty strong - by keeping him on one base I had such a huge macro lead that I could afford to lose the units. In the second game I had some much better micro - including an initial push to snipe a supply depot without loss and a drop which took another depot without loss. Both of those attacks supply-blocked him. I also dealt with a hellion drop in my own base quite easily. I eventually just rolled over his base with my tank superiority. I took far too long grabbing my third and fourth gas though, I will have to remember that next time - I ended up with loads of minerals and no gas, because the only units I could make for long periods were marines and turrets.

Still - it felt good to have two really solid wins. I'm sure I'd have managed to lose at least one of those games previously, or at least they would not have been so one-sided, and it makes me think that with the right strategy I might improve further.

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