Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Rank 20 in Bronze League division Grizzly Oscar, 76th percentile in Europe, win ratio 51.4%

Some background first. To paraphrase the mighty Totalbiscuit, my name is Everblue and I suck at Starcraft 2.

I'm a keen gamer although historically most of my gaming has been offline. Some offline games I've loved:

Football Manager
Pro Evo Soccer
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic

My only real experience of online gaming (apart from some fairly epic LAN parties with the original Halo game back around the turn of the millennium) was World of Warcraft, which I've been playing since 2005. As I type this I am leader of a raiding guild, and despite being casual in terms of playtime I've raided to a reasonable level - top 10% of the raiding population approximately which means top 5% of the player base, and my guild was top 20 on the server at the end of the most recent expansion.

Recently though I've become disillusioned with WoW, and I started looking for a change of pace. I discovered Starcraft 2 through the "I Suck At Starcraft" series created by Totalbiscuit and I've become hooked ever since. I am bad though. Really bad.

My macro is terrible, I am too defensive, and I barely micro at all (running away from a vastly superior force counts as good micro from me). This blog is about me hopefully learning to play better. My first goal is to get out of bronze league and into silver, and establish myself there. The idea behind this blog is to force me to think critically about my game, to analyse some of my defeats, and perhaps to get some advice.

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